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Recession Articles

New Zealand gaffe adds to Coalition woes

THE Government shifted the focus of its economic attack to Tony Abbott yesterday after the opposition leader cited a once recession-ravaged New Zealand as an example of how Australia should have approached the global financial crisis.

Tax rate goes up

LONDON. Shops across Britain raised their prices yesterday because of an increase in the taxation on goods and

An unexpected triumph of fiscal delusion over cold, hard economic reality

Only untrained eyes see this as "the recession we didn't have".

PM's next challenge: holding the reins of a soaring economy

When Kevin Rudd first suspected the world economy might be about to implode, he asked the secretary of the Treasury, Ken Henry, to come fly with him.

This recession is not looking quite as bad as we had feared

Another week, another round of not-so-terrible indicators about the state of the economy. It's getting easier to believe and harder to doubt this recession will be a lot milder than we're used to.